John Stevens

Thanks so much for coming to check this out! I am a singer/songwriter who draws influence from troubadours like Townes Van Zandt, Todd Snider, John Prine, and many more. I’ve played weddings, festivals, farmer’s markets, private parties, bar gigs, you name it. I play just about anything too, from Tom Petty to Nirvana and everything in between as well as a whole bunch of heartfelt originals. If you have a specific set list in mind, and there are some tunes I haven’t picked up yet, I’m always happy to add to my repertoire. I play because it makes me happy, and folks say it makes them happy too. Check out my calendar on the gigs link to the right and come see me some time. Click on the contact link to get in touch so I can come play for you.

This is a new original that features one of my first times playing the harmonica along with the guitar. Hope you enjoy it!
“Woke up with you on my mind” words and music copyright John Stevens December 2017.

This is a cover of a favorite Gillian Welch song, “Look at Miss Ohio”.

Here’s my interpretation of the classic Sound Garden song “Black Hole Sun”

I can’t see to get enough Tom Petty these days, so here’s one off Full Moon Fever, “Yer so Bad”

Here’s a link to a video of me performing my song Rainbows on WHUP pass the Hat: