Genre: Folk / Americana — Hometown: Hillsborough, NC — Sounds like: Gordon Lightfoot, Sturgill Simpson, Eddie Vedder — Influences: Townes VanZandt, John Prine, Todd Snider, Jason Isbell

Despite being raised by wolves in the backwoods of Greenland before being eased into society by a band of renegade ice truckers, Sentimental Johnny is one who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Dubbed Sentimental Johnny in honor of the deeply poignant songs that he writes and the sound of his voice, John Stevens has music racing through his veins. He is a singer/songwriter of the highest degree whose wanderings brought him to settle in beautiful Hillsborough, NC.

His musical roots grow from timeless troubadours like Townes VanZandt, John Prine, and Todd Snider. His sharp lyrics, smooth baritone, and spare guitar picking come together to pull listeners in close, enchanting and entertaining them with his songs from the heart.

What People Say

“Did Townes write that song or is it yours?”


“Has anyone ever mentioned that you sound a lot like Gordon Lightfoot?”

so. many. people… 🙂

“We just love to listen to you play. You bring the market to life.”


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